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11 Apr 2023

We're adding a game mode!

Seeing the growing community engaging in healthy competitiveness and friendly banter has been incredibly exciting. There have been many intense matches played, a lot of close calls, and a whole lot of adrenaline rush. We want to add a little more spice to the mix. Get that heart pumping. So we finished some visual updates and patched some things up, all so we could add the Detonation game mode. This game mode requires quick thinking, fast reflexes, and solid teamwork. Both teams must work together and communicate effectively to achieve their goals.

What’s the objective of Detonation?

Team Attackers' objective is simple: grab the fuse and plant it in two fuse sites on each side of the map. Once planted, they have to defend it until it blows up. This is no easy task, as Team Defender will be hot on their heels, doing everything possible to prevent the fuse from detonating.

Team Attack must defend the fuse until the fuse site blows up.

Team Defenders' objective is equally straightforward: prevent Team Attack from blowing up the fuse sites. They must use all of their skills and strategy to stop the other team from planting the fuse, and if planted, they must work together to defuse the fuse.

Team Defenders' preventing the fuse from being placed.

With the additional game mode comes an additional map specially designed for a match of detonation. This is the Detonation Factory map.

Spawn points and objectives map.
Full view of the Factory map.

We’ve also heard your feedback and looked through your reports. We’ve been patching things up, that includes damage reduction and server crash issues. See both recently released patch notes on the blog.

Whether you've been with us since Alpha testing or are a newcomer looking for a new challenge, Detonation is for sure an exciting and engaging game mode that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Find your squad and get ready to plant some fuses and defend some sites – the battle is about to begin!

Detonation trailer