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17 Apr 2024

Familiars are entering into the Arena

New collectible companions for the heroes of TMA. Battle Together, Win Together!

In the ever-evolving landscape of The Machines Arena, a new forbidden technology stolen from the Dominators after Devol sneakily sifted through her father’s confidential files: the Familiars. These little floating companions are a new gameplay feature set to revolutionize both the gameplay and on-chain aspects of the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Familiars and why they're not just another update but a significant addition for players & collectors alike.

What are the Familiars?

Familiars are unique companions for the heroes of TMA, constructed from lightweight, durable alloys and infused with metatech for supreme versatility. Originating as failed experiments and early prototypes, these Familiars were initially intended as augmentative support units for the Dominators. Despite their seemingly amusing appearance as little floating metal entities, they are far from mere comedic relief; they are integral to the game's strategy, offering tangible yet balanced benefits in both PvE and PvP game modes.

Each Familiar can offer one of three different types of stats boosts to the heroes equipping them, with a percentage depending on the rarity of the familiar. With our upcoming client update, players will find 21 unique familiars offering one of these types of bonuses:

  • Abilities cooldown reduction (excluding ultimates)
  • Increased health
  • Increased damage

With each Familiar offering a unique bonus, players can strategically choose and purchase Familiars to complement their hero play style. Familiar form is decoupled from function, enabling players to choose a companion based on aesthetic preference without compromising on the desired bonus.

Fair play

While the bonuses provided by most Familiars are in single percentage points and are unlikely to bring any significant advantage to the vast majority of players, fair play is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, in Ranked PvP mode, Familiars’ stat bonuses will be automatically leveled to the same percentage for everyone.

Collectors Alert

Needless to say, Familiars will be powered by Ronin Network, and come as an entirely new collection on the Mavis Market.

At the Open Beta launch on April 23, Familiars will be introduced in the TMA in-game store and listed on the Mavis Market. You’ll be able to mint all those you pay for right away through the TMA website.

Three free Familiars, one per each stat bonus type, will be available as a welcome bundle for everyone for a limited time. Please note that the free familiars will never become available for minting.

What’s next

Familiars are designed to roll out in phases, each introducing new dimensions like multiple stat boosts, abilities, leveling, and quests.

In the initial phase, coming with the April 23rd update, the Familiars will be introduced with the basic “follow-the-hero” functionality and stat bonuses.

Building on that foundation, the next phase will see more abilities and introduce Familiar leveling to increase your current familiar powers.

The final piece of the puzzle will see the integration of quests specifically designed for Familiars, adding depth and engagement. 

Try the off-chain Familiars first-hand with our content update scheduled for April 23rd, then make them yours on Ronin with the open beta and mobile releases coming April 23rd. Battle together, win together!