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29 Feb 2024

How to mint TMA skins on Ronin

As the skin minting process launches, there are a few steps you need to take if you'd like to mint the skins you have won or purchased through the TMA Client.

Since TMA is launching on the Ronin Network, the first step is to have a Ronin wallet. To get a Ronin wallet, you'll have to download one from

How to Open a Ronin Wallet:

Another point you need to take into account is that $RON is used to pay for gas/fees when doing transactions on the Ronin Network.You can receive $RON in three ways: Purchase with a card, purchase from a Centralized Exchange, like Binance, and/or bridge other tokens on different Networks to Ronin.These videos explain each topic: 

How to Buy $Ron with Fiat:
How to get $RON Using a CEX:
How to Get $RON Using the Ronin Bridge:

In the web3 universe, you always need to protect your investment. Decentralization is something that revolutionized the world of investment and ownership. However, that comes with a risk. Unlike transactions that happen in the world of Finance that can be tracked to a person/group, Decentralized transactions lead to wallet addresses tied to no name. Therefore, falling for phishing links or other forms of scam could have irrevocable consequences. 

To have better protection, Cold Wallets are recommended to add extra layers of security to your crypto investments. There are many Hardware Wallet brands in the market, but Trezor and Ledger are the two most famous ones.

In this video, we have explained how you can connect a Ledger Device to your Ronin wallet. Connecting a Ledger to the Ronin wallet:

Not the reader type? Here's a video guide for you: