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12 Feb 2024

Introducing The Machines Arena Beta Season 3: New Challenges, Maps, and Mintable Skins Await!

Beta Season 3 of The Machines Arena introduces several key updates aimed at deepening player engagement and offering new customization options. This season is about giving players more control and new ways to personalize their experience, with highlights including mintable skins on the Ronin Network, exclusive seasonal-themed skins, the introduction of the Coalition Festival map, and the highly-demanded return of Ranked PVP game mode. It's a season that promises to enrich the gameplay with a blend of personalization, competitive depth, and community events. Join us as we explore each feature designed to prepare you for your journey in The Machines Arena Beta Season 3.

Mintable Skins on Ronin

Thanks to our partnership with Sky Mavis, Beta Season 3 will introduce the ability to mint your skins through the Ronin Network. This feature will allow players to have a more personal stake in The Machines Arena. By using blockchain technology, these skins go beyond mere visual appeal; they offer a sense of real ownership and personalization in the game world. It's a step towards making your in-game assets truly yours, reflecting your unique style and achievements. Mint is set to go live on February 29, 2024 - save the date!

Ranked PVP is coming Back

Ranked is a seasonal 4v4 competitive PVP experience, where skill and team coordination reign supreme. Our matchmaking system ensures fair play by pairing you based on both rank and ping, dynamically adjusting to maintain competitive integrity and connectivity. Revel in your progress with immediate updates on score and rank after each match, and delve into details in your profile. Embrace the challenge across distinct maps and game modes in a dynamic seasonal structure, updated every 4 months. Join the competition to reach the top division 'Machine'! Ranked will go live later during the season, make sure to follow our social media accounts to not miss out on the announcement.

New Pushback Map - Coalition Festival

Welcome to "Coalition Festival," our newest map in Beta Season 3. This map is all about the Lunar New Year, bringing a party atmosphere to your battles. You'll see confetti flying, fireworks bursting in the sky, and lanterns glowing all around. It’s a lively place with lots of different areas to explore and use to your advantage.

The layout is something special, making you think on your feet and come up with new strategies whether you’re playing with friends or by yourself. Every match here is more than just a fight; it’s a celebration. Imagine dodging between lantern-lit paths or chasing opponents through showers of confetti.

So gear up for a mix of fun and challenge at the Coalition Festival. It’s where the excitement of the game meets the joy of the Lunar New Year, making every game an event to remember.

Exclusive Mintable Skins & Limited Editions

As the mint on Ronin approaches, we introduce several new skins for you to show your colors in the arena. Some of them are available only for a limited time, so grab them from the store before they disappear!

Valentine's Skin - "The Amorous Archer" Noble (Epic skin, available only until March 12): Celebrate love and camaraderie with the enchanting Valentine's Skin for Noble. Designed with intricate details and a romantic flair, this skin is perfect for those who want to bring a touch of elegance to the battlefield.

Lunar Year Skin - "Dragon Dancer" Devol (Epic skin, available only until March 12): Embrace the spirit of the Lunar Year with the mesmerizing Lunar Year Skin for Devol. Inspired by rich cultural heritage, this skin blends traditional motifs with modern aesthetics and a touch of machinery, making Devol a standout hero in any match.

Night Ops Skins Set (All PvP Heroes): This gear, crucial for Paragon's perilous venture, signifies the struggle against the Dominators' oppressive rule. It represents more than just equipment; it's a powerful symbol of authority and control, now repurposed as a beacon of hope for the rebellion. Get ready for stealth and style with the Night Ops skins for all PvP heroes. These skins feature a sleek, tactical design that not only looks cool but also embodies the essence of strategic, night-time battles.

Play NOW and Unlock Closed Beta Rewards

Jump into the action now to collect exclusive skins through the whole Closed Beta. By reaching level 25, you'll unlock the Mercenary Bravo Zulu skin, and at level 50, the Urban Commando XE awaits. Continue to level up for more unique rewards (to 75 and up to 100). These skins are not just trophies; they will become your digital collectibles. Make sure to grab them before the Beta wraps up!