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29 Feb 2024

Leap into the Web3 Age: Mint Your TMA Skins on Ronin

This February 29th marks a significant milestone for The Machines Arena (TMA) as we leap into an exciting new chapter: Our first venture into the Web3 space. We're excited to offer all TMA players a groundbreaking opportunity to mint their cherished hero skins on the Ronin Network, ushering in a new era of digital ownership and interactive gaming experiences. Join us as we explore this new frontier and discover the limitless possibilities it unveils for our community.

Own a Piece of the Action

Thanks to our partnership with Sky Mavis, players can now mint the skins they acquired in the game on the Ronin Network blockchain, introducing a new layer of personalization and ownership for all players of TMA. While Web3 features are entirely optional and players who don’t wish to be bothered with them can continue to play as before, minting the skins will allow you to own and trade them on Mavis Market.

How to Mint Your TMA Skin

If this is your first mint, we have put together some simple guides to make the process as smooth as possible.

  1. Go to TMA website and login on the top right of the screen using your Epic Games credentials
  2. From your profile icon press 'Wallets' and connect your Ronin wallet
  3. Go to your skins inventory
  4. Click on the skin you want to mint
  5. Click on the 'Mint' button
  6. Ronin Wallet extension pops up
  7. Confirm the transaction and pay $RON for gas fees 
  8. Done, the skin is now on your wallet

Need more help? We got you covered:

Why Owning a Skin

There are many skins on TMA, but not all skins are equal. While you might have a soft spot for your favorite “Night Ops” skin, don't overlook the allure of limited editions like “Toxwraith Ozymandias” and “Day of the Dead Tesla”. Missed out? Fear not, as exclusive skins like Dragon Dancer and The Amorous Archer are still available until March 12, after that you can try your luck on the Mavis Market.

Additionally, by participating in the Closed Beta, there are numerous skins that are only available through gameplay. Earn exclusive skins by advancing your account levels, or unlock the “Sandbrushed Riot” skin by reaching the upper tiers of Ranked PVP. Furthermore, unique collaboration skins, such as “Engineer Devol” and “Polarspirit Noble” add a distinctive flair to your collection, showcasing your achievements and style.

Remember, today's ownership could unlock tomorrow's rewards. Stay tuned for what's next in the evolving world of TMA - You won’t want to miss it!