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10 Nov 2023

Meet the Hero: Devol - The Techy With a Conscience

In a universe where the average Joe might struggle to set up their Wi-Fi, here's Devol—our techy who can see and manipulate digital and organic pathways. Now, being a vice-minister's daughter in a world where humans are borderline endangered species might sound tough. But when you add in a sneaky Metatech injection? Well, now you've got the makings of a metahuman tech-maven out to bring a bit of justice and a lot of gadgets to the Machines Arena. Did we mention she feels a tad guilty about the whole human domination thing? Well, she does. And she's here to set things straight—one system at a time.

Metahuman Meets Ministerial Mayhem

As the child of a URA vice-minister, Devol was always set for a less ordinary life. But who could've guessed her version of teenage rebellion would be nabbing a Metatech vial and giving herself superpowers? From high-society galas to mastering the cosmic intricacies of machines, Devol's life transformation is nothing short of epic. And while she's got the smarts to take on the Dominators, it's her heart, filled with a sense of responsibility and purpose, that truly sets her apart.

Locked, Loaded, and Super-Loaded

Every hero has their signature weapon, and Devol? She wields the Boomstick—a mini flak cannon that's all about spreading the love... in metal shard form, of course. Devol's approach to conflict is as multifaceted as her weapon of choice: why settle for a single target when you can address a crowd?

Yet, Devol's arsenal goes beyond just dishing out damage. Her System Overdrive turns her allies into veritable juggernauts, amping up their combat prowess in the thick of battle. Need some healing? Her Healing Turret is on the job, offering a rejuvenating respite to friends in the fray. And if you think you've got her cornered, think again. Shatter her Energy Shield, and you'll unleash a counterattack that's as surprising as it is effective.

Of course, a tinkerer's work is never done. With Devol's Auto Repair, her ingenious gadgets stay in fighting shape, ensuring that she and her team are always ready for whatever the arena throws at them.

The Techie's Ties and Tiffs

Devol's dynamics with her allies paint a picture of a woman both profoundly tech-smart and heart-smart. Her inherent curiosity about the world, particularly the tech realm, sees her intrigued by Noble's mechanics and Ozymandias' chaos orbs. Nightcore's connection to the Dominators sparks a compassionate drive within Devol to reach out and help, even if it means unlocking the secrets of the hive mind.

When she's with Daye and Tesla, it's not just about missions; it's about shared dreams, innovation, and a bond that transcends mere camaraderie. They're the trio that can turn any battle into a blend of strategy and spontaneous fun.

However, with Bravo Zulu and Riot, her interactions take a more careful tone. The former's overbearing confidence puts them on different wavelengths. Riot's intimidating armor and demeanor mean she's always on her toes, albeit highly curious about the tech behind the towering titan. Pyro, with her mercenary nature, presents a difficulty; while Devol aids in maintaining Pyro's body, trust remains a bridge yet to be fully crossed.

Devol's core drive remains throughout these alliances and occasional disagreements: to leverage her unique abilities for a just cause, inspired by her lineage and the deep-set responsibility it brings.

Reboot, Resist, Repeat

In The Machines Arena, where humanity's future hangs by a digital thread, Devol is both the brains and the heart of the operation. As she fights to bring justice (and maybe alleviate some of that inherited guilt), she's proving that with the right mix of tech, tenacity, and a touch of compassion, the future's looking bright. Dive into the arena with Devol as she crafts, hacks, and battles her way to a world where machines serve humanity—not the other way around.