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23 Apr 2024


We're super excited to finally open the doors of The Machines Arena to the public through an Open Beta for PC and Android. It's a big moment for us – and for all you gamers out there looking for something fresh and fun. We're rolling out major features that we think you're going to love, including but not limited to a new collection of digital collectibles, the Familiars, cross-play capabilities, and an upcoming Play 2 Airdrop system. 

TMA Open Beta Launch Trailer

Launching TMA on Android - Expanding Access Through Valuable Insights

The launch of The Machines Arena on Android marks a new chapter in our mission to enhance the game's accessibility. Throughout the past year, thousands of players have engaged with our closed beta, offering insights that have been essential in refining TMA. Their feedback has not only influenced game improvements but has also helped define the direction of our development.

Support from the Sky Mavis team has been invaluable in this process. Their guidance has enabled us to navigate challenges and optimize our strategies effectively, ensuring that we are aligned with the best practices in the space.

This step towards making TMA available on Android is crucial, but it's just one part of our broader vision. It sets the groundwork for further expansions and continues our journey toward creating a truly all-access, cross-platform experience. As we move forward, we are committed to leveraging these insights and support to enhance TMA and prepare for the next stages of growth.

To support this vision of a unified gaming community, we've implemented a new account system that facilitates full cross-play capabilities. Now, players can seamlessly switch between PC and Android devices without missing a beat, with all game progress and achievements synchronized across platforms. This integrated system ensures that whether you're at home or on the go, your gaming experience remains consistent and engaging. It also simplifies community interactions, making it easier for players to connect, compete, and collaborate regardless of their chosen device.

Meet Your New Besties, the Familiars

So, what's the deal with Familiars? They're these little floating companions that join you in your battles, giving you small boosts in both PvE and PvP modes. Think of them as your trusty buddies who've got your back, no matter what. In the future, Familiars will play a significant role in the players' progression and day-to-day earning factors.

The Familiars are coming today with the Open Beta release and as a new collection on the Ronin Marketplace. At launch, users will be available to claim a free, non-mintable, starter Familiar bundle, as well as access a limited-availability collection of Familiars that will be available for purchase in the store ONLY until May 28th.

To learn more about them, read our dedicated blog post:

Gear up for Play 2 Airdrop!

As we work towards launching our native $TMA token, a P2A system is in the works to reward early adopters for regularly playing the game and being active in our community.

Make sure you're following us on all our social platforms and join our Discord community to stay in the loop and reap all possible rewards.

Why Jump Into the Open Beta Now?

  • First Dibs on Free Familiars: Get a first look at all the cool stuff we've been working on and grab a FREE Welcome Bundle containing 3 starter Familiars, available only for a limited time!
  • Maximize your P2A rewards: Participating in the open beta from day one will give you a leg up when the P2A system rolls out.
  • Make Your Mark: Your feedback is gold. Play TMA on PC & Android to help us tweak and improve, making the crossplay arena even better for everyone.
  • Most importantly: Play the game, and blow stuff up with your friends; it's fun!

Play Now

Download and play today at the following links:

PC 💻

Android 📱