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06 Jul 2023

PATCH NOTES 11/07/2023

Version: 0.21.0-7748

Closed Beta Rewards

Collectible character skins that players can unlock by earning XP on their account. Account XP is earned by playing Quick Play and Death Run matches.

  • 1x Mercenary Bravo Zulu skin, unlocked when the player reaches Level 25
  • 1x Urban Commando XE skin, unlocked when the player reaches Level 50
  • 1x Desert Ranger Tesla skin, unlocked when the player reaches Level 75
  • 1x Demo Daye skin, unlocked when the player reaches Level 100

Loyalty Rewards

Collectible character skins that are reserved for our early adopters.

  • 1x Royal Guard Nightcore skin for all our early adopters who joined us up until this release.
  • 1x Rustic Pyro skin goes to our Old Guard alpha testing community
  • 1x unique Champions Sigil 2021 stamped golden Pyro skin to the official TMA Championship Tournament 2021 winners, Copenhagen Flames.
  • 1x Chrome Daye skin reserved for content creators

Death Run Gameplay Changes

Battle through 20 levels and try for the highest score.

Meta Map

  • Choose your route for a high-risk, high-reward game or go the safe route and risk facing the bosses under-powered.
  • When exiting a room, a meta map will appear with a room map layout of the current biome
  • 5 difficulties
    1. Very Easy
    2. Easy
    3. Normal
    4. Hard
    5. Very Hard
  • Can only go one difficulty up or down from the current room
  • Can’t go from a Very Easy room to a Normal, Hard or Very Hard room
  • Can’t go from a Normal room to a Very Easy or a Very Hard room
  • Impacts the dropped items and the score you get.


Introducing XE

  • XE character is the protagonist in Death Run

XE Weapon Balance Pass

Reworked the base stats and the upgrade stats for both weapons available to XE

Base Stats:
- Reload Time: 1.0 seconds
- Damage: 2
- Max Ammo: 30
- ROF: 1 round every 0.07 seconds
By level:
- Damage: +0.4 per shot
- ROF: -0.0025
- Max Ammo: +5

Base Stats:
- Reload Time: 2.0 seconds
- Damage: 20
- Max Ammo: 5
- ROF: 1 round every 0.7 seconds.
By level:
- Damage: +6 per shot
- ROF: -0.005
- Max Ammo: +1


Grab a buddy for emotional support as you face the hoards trying to take you down.

  • Select a familiar when entering Death Run
  • Follows you around
  • No gameplay effects (yet)

Death Run Weapon and Ability XP

Creating your ultimate build has never been easier.

  • Unlock new abilities by earning XP within a run
  • Unlock level-ups for equipped abilities and weapon by earning XP
  • Gain 30% extra XP to either the weapon or ability XP track based on which was used for the final blow

Death Run Timer

“No more time out!” is a slogan we are trying out.

  • Timer counts up, instead of down. Players can no longer lose a match by running out of time.

Death Run Score Submission

Your performance is now a matter of record.

  • Always submits a score when the run ends, even during death.


If taking damage is inevitable, why not take less damage?

  • 3 types, light, medium and heavy
  • Damage reduction (10%/20%/30%)
  • Affects movement speed (5%/15%/25%)
  • Buying armor replaces the old one if one is already equipped


Pad your health pool with the latest advancements in personal protection.

  • 3 versions, small, large and rechargeable, recharge kicks after not taking damage for a set time (5s)
  • Regenerative shields recharge between rooms but small and large do not
  • Extra hit point pool (50hp total / 150 hp total / 25 hp regenerating)
  • Small and Large shields can be refilled at the Kiosk for 1 credit per 2 hp.
  • Buying a new shield replaces the old one if one is already equipped

Death Run Difficulty Balancing

We’ve played around with the numbers and come to a conclusion that should lead to a much more engaging experience.

Other Death Run Gameplay Changes

Choosing XEs’ weapon:

  • Chosen at the start of a run and can no longer switch weapons during a run
  • When finishing a room only one exit will appear that will take the player to the meta map
  • Room rewards have been removed as they have been replaced with weapon and ability XP system


  • You can now buy upgrades for weapons and abilities in the kiosk
  • Can increase weapon damage, ROF and clip size based on weapon
  • Can upgrade existing abilities but you cannot buy new ones
  • Price increases each time an upgrade is purchased
  • Can buy shields
    - 50 / 100 / 200 cost for small / large and regeneration
  • Can buy armor
    - 100 / 150 / 200 for light / medium / heavy armour
  • Can still upgrade stats


New map: Blacksite

  • The new map is added to the map pool rotation
  • Push back game mode



  • Flamethrower
    - Max ammo 50 > 30
    - Burn damage ratio 0.75 > 0.5
    - Reload time 1s > 1.5s
  • Molotov grenade
    - Duration 5 > 4 sec.
    - Burn effect duration 3 > 1 sec.
  • Healing per second for pyro in flames 30 > 40


  • Boomstick
    - Reload time 1 > 1.5s


  • Crossbow
    - Reload time 1 > 1.5s


  • Lightning Rifle
    - Reload time 1 > 2s

Backend Inventory Management System

Implemented a backend system to track and verify ownership of in-game items such as character skins.

  • Enables unlocking of skins for players
  • Can now equip unlocked character skins in the Hero Gallery nested in the Main Menu


  • Bug-squashing galore relating to the new features
  • Fixed character not re-spawning if the player didn’t explicitly select a character but allowed the game to randomly select a character


  • Updated game engine to Unreal Engine 5.2
  • Exposed the players' ID to players. Located in the bottom right corner of most in-game screens.
  • Changed Ozymandias Cross Icon from red to green to conform with the Geneva Convention. (War crimes bad)

Known Issues

  • Lighting in character selection and in the end-of-match screens is too dark; a fix is already planned for the next update.