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16 Mar 2023

PATCH NOTES 15/03/2023

We've been working hard on updates, and here it is! Our first patch note of 2023.

A lot of changes has happened since the last patch note, and we will keep on going so that you'll get an immersive gaming experience, even during closed beta.

We love hearing your feedback and we look into all the bugs that are reported. So don't hesitate to open up a ticket in our report forum on Discord

The Updates

Unreal Engine 5.1.1 update

  • The main focus of our development efforts the last couple of months has gone into updating the game engine from Unreal Engine 4.27 to Unreal Engine 5.1 to Unreal Engine 5.1.1.
  • Concerted effort, should pave the way for more frequent updates to the game client


  • Future proofing for maintainability of TMA
  • Better tooling for profiling and development
  • Better visuals

Death Run game mode

New weapon upgrade system

  • Only two weapons are available: SMG and Tesla Rifle
  • Going for the weapon reward in a run will allow players to switch weapons

Note: When switching to a new one, players lose any previously bought    upgrades on the old weapon.

  • Buying weapon upgrades is now split into 3 different upgrades that need to be bought separately.

  - Damage: increases the damage of each projectile.

  - Max Ammo: Increases the maximum ammo count of the weapon.

  - Rate of Fire: Increases the rate of fire

  • Increased Coin rewards

  - Enemies drop more coins more frequently

  - Coin rewards yield more coins

  • Increased the initial time given for a run from 1 minute to 5 minutes

Visual Updates

  • Visual Effects overhaul for all PvP Characters
  • PvE Biome 02 maps lighting changes
  • New background 3D assets created for PvE
  • PvE Biome 02 maps dressing update with new assets

Known Bugs & Issues

  • Overtime audio notification sound volume is not lowered when overall audio volume is lowered
  • Very rare bug event when Bravo Zulu is input locked if struck by Daye slow effect while exiting Explosive rounds ability animation.
  • Character not respawning after death - Looking for a repro case

  - To clear the issue press the Character Switching key (default H on PC) and press select.

Death Run

  • Missile Strike can cause the game to crash. - Looking for a reliable repro case.
  • Best thread we have to follow at the moment is that if the missile strike clips the geometry in a specific way the game crashes but the reproduction case has been unreliable.


  • Missing timer on fuse countdown.

Custom Lobby

  • Spectator mode: Match scores background (pressing TAB) is shifted to the side.