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18 Apr 2023

Patch Notes 19/04/23

Version: 0.20.0

We’ve pushed even more buttons around. Enjoy this week's Patch Notes. Remember to join our Discord server for any bug reports or feedback.

Introducing new game mode and map

Detonation game mode

  • Factory map ( GCC Industries )


  • Rework of input systems
  • Improvements in abilities and shooting audio
  • Lighting & asset overhaul of the Facility map
  • Removed Ultra graphic setting and renamed Very High to Ultra
  • Change the Frame Rate Limit setting from slider to dropdown with preset values.
  • The default value is your monitor’s max refresh rate.
  • Playing Death Run now contributes toward account XP, making leveling up towards closed beta rewards more attainable.


  • Fixed countdown audio notification sound volume not respecting master audio volume setting.
  • Fixed characters sometimes not respawning after death.
  • Fixed Nightcore proximity invisibility indicator.
  • Fixed Death Run not granting account XP.

Known Bugs & Issues


  • Very rare bug event when Bravo Zulu is input locked if struck by Daye's slow effect while exiting Explosive rounds ability animation.
  • Overtime audio notification sound volume does not respecting master audio volume


  • Missing timer on fuse countdown.


  • Missing fuse countdown timer when respawning while the fuse is planted

Custom Lobby:

  • Spectator mode: Match scores background (pressing TAB) is shifted to the side.


  • If you had “Very High” graphics setting set before this update, it will now display as Low. This is only a UI issue, you can fix this by selecting the Ultra graphics preset.
  • As mentioned above, the “Very High” preset has been renamed to “Ultra”