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30 Oct 2023

PATCH NOTES 30/10/2023

Version: 0.22.0-8605


New game mode powered by gen-ai 

  • 3 players PvEvP
    • 1 god player 
    • 2 runners


Powered by a partnership with Xsolla

  • Claim a free bundle and help us test the purchase flow.
    • Free Urellium
    • Free Pulse Coins
    • Free Stealth Wave XE skin
  • You can buy skins with Urellium
  • You can buy extra Urellium

Death Run

Environmental hazards (poison gas trap in biome 1)

Improved Death Run AI

Death Run now loops after completing all biomes (endless runner, not just 20 levels)

Character Customization

Buy upgrades, make builds

  • Earn Cores by playing Death Run
  • Spend Cores on Upgrades in the CUSTOMIZATION screen
  • Select upgrades for your build
  • Choose a build for XE and play Death Run

Character Upgrades

While there will be 3 skill trees for upgrades in the future, only 1 is currently available: the attack tree. Upgrades in this tree are focused on increasing your offensive power via different methods.

There are 2 main types of upgrades: a single boost or a sync upgrade. A single boost upgrade gives you the power immediately at the start of the run. However, a sync upgrade slowly increases in power for each room cleared, resulting in a higher boost value overall.

Once an upgrade is unlocked, it must be added to your build. Each upgrade takes a certain amount of build points, increasing its impact on your overall power. Most upgrades also have stages known as basic, advanced, or expert. While expert gives you the most power in 1 area, they are less efficient than basic upgrades (build point cost vs power gained)

Most upgrades also have levels, allowing you to increase its power by spending more cores.

Available upgrades:

  • Rate of fire - increases the firing rate of the current weapon
    • Type - flat only, increases the rate of fire by a fixed %
  • Ability Damage - increases the damage of abilities
    • Type - flat - increases ability damage by a fixed %
    • Type - sync - increases ability damage by a % for each room cleared up to 30 rooms
  • Weapon Damage - increases the damage of your main weapon
    • Type - flat - increases weapon damage by a fixed %
    • Type - sync - increases weapon damage by a % for each room cleared up to 30 rooms
  • Critical Hit Chance - increases the chance for your equipped weapon to crit
    • Type - flat only, increases crit chance by a fixed %
  • Ability Duration - increases the length of time an ability stays in the world
    • Type - flat only, increases ability duration by a fixed %

More character upgrade types and upgrade trees will be added in the future. These first are for us to test out the system and gather feedback on their use and impact.

Enemy Faction: Shock Troopers

Biome 1 has gotten re-populated with a new enemy faction: Shock Troopers

  • Basher
    • A quick-moving basic Shock Trooper, armed with a Club. Weak on its own but deadly in groups.
  • Boomer
    • A shotgun-wielding Shock Trooper that wants to set your heart on fire.
  • Poisoner
    • A Support Shock Trooper that's eager to boost his friends and fill your world with poison.
  • Bruiser
    • He doesn't know why he is here, but all he knows is that he needs to kill.
  • Assault Bot
    • Relentlessly pursues the player with a deadly objective.
  • Slicer Bot
    • Terror weapon, the name says it all.

Improved A.I.

The NPC enemies have been given an upgrade to their thinking. Each type NPC now has an assigned role and aggressiveness.  Some rush you, others will be more careful, while some will try to flank you. NPCs will actively try to support one another while trying to send you to an early grave.

Improved Difficulty

We are hard at work to make the game harder for the elite players. But for those who want something a bit easier, you can always choose an easier route. The metamap usually offers the player a choice of a harder, easier, or same-difficulty room. Harder rooms give more experience and higher chances of better loot drops. 

Environmental Hazards

Poison traps have been added to biome 1. These traps only affect XE and are triggered when he steps on them.  When triggered, they release a cloud of poison gas that does low damage over time, but it is better to avoid them. 

New Maps

A score of new maps has been added to Biome 1. These maps have been designed with the environmental hazards and the room difficulty in mind. Each room should provide players with unique and fun challenges. They are quite pretty too.

Improved Audio and Visuals 

New visual effects and improved audio should make your run a more enhanced experience. 


Some tweaks to code, but no balancing changes. 


  • Fix Devol’s ultimate tether VFX ending abruptly.
  • Fix a rare crash when an enemy dies in Death Run.
  • Fix various rare crashes for the laser aim indicator and controller aim assist.
  • Fix Death Run character status UI not updating health and shield values.
  • Fix Death Run weapon upgrade costs, taking into account leveled-up upgrades. Credit costs are independent from weapon XP level-ups.
  • Fix not being able to rebind the interact key, ‘E’
  • Fix fuse detonation timer disappearing after respawning while being planted.
  • Fixed Pyro’s golden skin reflectiveness (so it’s not green anymore).



  • Changed the default UI Scaling in-engine to full-HD to improve design workflow.
  • Created a new default background used on a few screens, will slowly become the only in-menu background.

Halloween Skins (Available from Oct 30th to Nov 14th): These limited-edition skins are themed to celebrate the spooky season:

  • “Day of the Dead” Tesla
  • “Toxwraith” Ozymandias
  • “Pharoah Bravo” Zulu

PvP Skins: Catering to a range of aesthetic preferences, we're rolling out 9 new PvP skins, including:

  • “Commander” Bravo Zulu
  • “Proto” Daye
  • “Pathfinder” Noble
  • “Doctor” Ozymandias
  • “Festival” Tesla
  • “Veteran” Riot
  • “Pilot” Devol
  • “Assassin” Nightcore
  • “Burnout” Pyro

PvE Skins: Enhance your XE characters with these three exclusive designs:

  • “Stealth Wave” XE
  • “Melody Maverick” XE
  • “Harmony Enforcer” XE

Known Issues

  • Zulu reload bug: We have found the issue and are working on a fix.
    • If you empty your main weapon, interrupt the reload sequence with explosive rounds, empty the Explosive rounds, and interrupt the reload sequence again with Missile Strike, then Zulu will be unable to trigger the reload sequence.