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30 Oct 2023

PATCH NOTES 12/02/2024

Version: 0.23.0-8824


  • Some tweaks to code, but no player-facing functionality changes. 
  • Pushback cart movement speed increased.
  • Riot boosted
    • Chain sword stun duration 1.5 > 1.0 sec
    • HP 350 > 450
    • Sword damage 60 > 70 per hit
  • Daye nerfed
    • Weapon max range reduced 23 m > 20 m
    • Weapon reload time 1.0 > 2.0
  • New Map: Pushback - Coalition Festival, added to Quick Play and Custom Lobby map rotation.
    • Celebrate the Year of the Dragon while you push the payload through fireworks and cheer!

Death Run

  • Balance pass on biome 01 and biome 02
  • Hard and very hard is now harder 
  • Easy and very easy is now somewhat easier
  • Balancing changes made to the account XP earnings from playing Death Run


  • Fixed Bravo Zulu Explosive Rounds bug
    • Switching back from Explosive Rounds to the regular weapon and activating Missile Strike at the same time would cause the weapon switch to bug out and Zulu wouldn’t be able to shoot until he respawns.This is now fixed.
  • Fixed Bravo Zulu sometimes getting stuck after using Missile Strike
  • Fixed Scoreboard UI toggle key in post match UI.
  • Fixed errors regarding key times in the match clock.
  • Fixed layout issues in the Store UI.
  • Fixed typos, spelling, grammar and spacing in tutorial text.
  • Fixed issues with wave spawning in PvE
  • Fixed stats in the Career Profile to show the correctly
  • Fixed Customization Character Upgrades screen last upgrade level not showing correct stats
  • Fixed secondary keybinding for the Reload action not doing anything



  • Hero gallery revamp: 
    • New and improved UI
    • Updated ability and weapon description
    • More visual interaction with skins
  • Updated character poses and images for each skin
  • Updated character skins materials and emissive materials
  • Updated LODs for skins

Automated Level based skin unlocks

  • Level-based skin rewards (Closed Beta Rewards) should now unlock automatically after earning the required level.
    • Players will need to gain some account XP for this to trigger, i.e. play anything that gives XP like Quickplay or Death Run

Skins (Available from Feb 12th to March 12th): These limited-edition skins are themed to celebrate the Lunar Year and Valentine’s Day:

  • Devol: “Dragon Dancer”
  • Noble: “Amorous Archer”

PvP Skins: Catering to a range of aesthetic preferences, we're rolling out 9 new PvP skins, including:

  • Bravo Zulu: “Night Ops”
  • Daye: “Night Ops”
  • Noble: “Night Ops”
  • Ozymandias: “Night Ops” 
  • Tesla: “Night Ops”
  • Riot: “Night Ops”
  • Devol: “Night Ops”
  • Nightcore: “Night Ops”
  • Pyro: “Night Ops”

Upgraded Engine Version to 5.3.2


  • Updates to Chinese localization

Known Issues

  • Social screen:
    • New entries to the friends list won’t appear until navigating out of the Social menu and back in. (Not introduced with this update, has been like this for a long time)