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14 Mar 2023

Introducing Death Run - PvE game mode

Our new game mode is a single-player mode. It has high adrenaline rushed battles, where you race the clock and defeat death. If you want your score to count, you have to know when to stop. You’ll be able to earn digital collectibles for your PvE character and customize them to suit your personality and playstyle.

The Deployment room is the first room you start your run. In the Deployment room, you’ll find the option to choose a starting weapon. This is the first step to starting the run. Once you’ve chosen your weapon, you can head out to the room exit. In this room, you will also see the Kiosk and Exit. These are locked in the Deployment room but will be available throughout the run.

During your runs, you’ll find that you will have a chance to choose your path. Room exits will have different icons indicating which rewards you’ll get once you’ve cleared the room. You’ll have to think about your choice after each room strategically.

What do the icons mean?

Credit means that you will get coins as a reward. Collecting coins can help you upgrade your weapon, abilities, ultimates, health, and speed or buy time in the Kiosk.

Cores are used to charge a chest that is accessible in the Kiosk. The chest starts at a low level but charges up as the player collects cores and spends them on the chest.

Weapon means that you can either switch up your weapon or upgrade them for free instead of using your coins and waiting to reach a Kiosk room.

Ability icon means that the reward for finishing the room will give you other abilities and an ultimate ability. The list to choose from is random, so you will have to think about this path strategically. We will release more information on our PvE hero and their abilities so keep an eye out for the blog.

While clearing out rooms, your enemies will drop loot. The chance to drop loot depends on the enemy. Grunts have a lesser chance to drop loot and never drop Cores as loot. Elites drop Coins, cores, and health packs. Bosses drop the same as Elites but in greater quantity.

Work on clearing the room as fast as possible without dying. As you clear more rooms, the difficulty level scales up.

What are Digital Collectibles?

Digital collectibles are rewards that you obtain through gameplay. Meaning it is earned by either day-to-day plays, joining tournaments or events, seasonal rewards, and many more ways. You’ll be given the opportunity to keep what items you want to keep and take full ownership of and sell or trade those items to other players. No need to archive your items.

The PvE Guide

Sounds intriguing? Start your run now and sign up for the closed beta waitlist