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25 Mar 2024

Ranked PVP 101

As Ranked PVP makes its comeback in The Machines Arena, the stakes are higher than ever. Players can now climb the ranks to unlock exclusive rewards and top the global leaderboard. Here's a FAQ on how the system works.

What is Ranked?

Ranked is a competitive PVP game mode designed to push your skills to the limit. Upon entering Ranked, you're matched with players of similar skill levels and close geographical proximity. Winning a Ranked game awards you points, advancing your position on the current season's global leaderboard, while losing deducts points. Points are calculated based on various parameters, such as kills, damage, assists, healing, etc.

How many ranks are there?

There are a total of 22 ranks across 8 divisions.

Where do I find the global leaderboard?

On our website, at this link.

What's to gain?

Throughout Beta Season 3, anyone who reaches at least the Silver rank has the opportunity to unlock the Riot: Sandbrushed skin. This skin will no longer be available after Beta Season 3 ends and will become mintable on the Ronin Network.

Additionally, winning Ranked matches awards much more account XPs than standard Quickplay matches.

In the future, we plan to offer an increasing variety of rewards automatically through Season Passes and more.

How do I find people to play?

The best way to find fellow players is by coordinating on our Discord server, we have several channels like #tma-pvp and #looking-for-group.

Additionally, we incentivize joining Ranked matches over weekends through our Ranked Weekends. Announcements can be found on Discord or our X/Twitter profile.

Are there more skins earnable through gameplay?

Yes, several. Rewards are categorized into Loyalty Rewards and Beta Rewards:

  • Loyalty Rewards are granted for playing the game across certain seasons or for early support of the game (such as during Alpha or previous Beta Seasons).
  • Beta Rewards can be earned during the Closed Beta simply by leveling up your account.

As of March 2024, the following rewards are available:

Beta Rewards

  • 🔓 Bravo Zulu: Mercenary — Reach Account Level 25
  • 🔓 XE: Urban Commando — Reach Account Level 50
  • 🔓 Tesla: Desert Ranger — Reach Account Level 75
  • 🔓 Daye: Demo — Reach Account Level 100

Loyalty Rewards

  • ğŸŽ Riot: Sandbrushed — For those who reached the Silver rank on Ranked PVP during Beta Season 3
  • ğŸŽ Daye: Chrome — For content creators who signed up to our program