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05 Jul 2023

The Machines Arena Beta Season 1: Unveiling XE, Black Site, and Exclusive Rewards!

Welcome to the highly-anticipated Beta Season 1 of The Machines Arena! The developers have been hard at work and are proud to present an explosive array of updates, including new features, rewards, and a new character!

Introducing XE
First, let’s welcome the new face in town: XE! As XE storms into the TMA world, lock and load as you unleash a barrage of rockets and wreak havoc with grenades. Discover XE's intriguing backstory and arsenal, and experience Death Run in a whole new way!

Closed Beta Rewards
As Beta Season 1 marks the beginning of Closed Beta Rewards, we’re loading you up with exclusive, ultra-sleek skins crafted by our talented designers. Time is ticking, so level up your game to claim these skins before the Beta clock runs out. When the closed beta ends, reach level 25, 50, 75, or 100 to unlock Mercenary Bravo Zulu, Urban Commando XE, Desert Ranger Tesla, and Demo Daye, respectively. These skins will become your digital collectibles, which you can trade, sell, or keep to flaunt your exclusivity.

New Pushback Map: Black Site
The latest addition to our Pushback maps, Black Site, is here!

Black Site is a new map introduced in Alpha season 1. The Black Site, situated in the industrial region of Gold Coast Concord, is a haunting and abandoned facility with a chilling history. This desolate factory was among several establishments dedicated to the study of Metatech and metahumans. One of the most striking features of the Black Site is the presence of large, grown crystals. These crystalline structures, tinged with an otherworldly glow, dominate the landscape, casting an ethereal ambience across the decaying site. These are bi-products of Metatech not contained within vials. When the containers are damaged or destroyed, the Metatech contained inside explodes and forms these crystals when it comes into contact with Oxygen. Dominators sought out what was left of the Metatech in the facility in order to recreate the source materials for their creation of “the One.”

PVE Updates
In addition to the new character and map, we’re rolling out PVE updates, including Weapons and Abilities XP and the Meta Map. Earn XP for both abilities and weapons by executing stylish combat moves. Level up and unlock a treasure trove of new powers. The Meta Map adds a strategic element to Death Run, allowing you to choose your path and difficulty, with each choice bringing you closer to lavish XP and coins.

Your dedication and feedback are invaluable as we continue to build and improve The Machines Arena.

See you in the arena!