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05 Jul 2023

Unleash the Power of XE

We're about to dive into the electrifying game mode of Death Run with a character that's causing a storm. Meet the nimble, witty, a little unhinged, and wildly versatile - XE! (Zee)

The Legend of XE
In the grim days of marking the twilight of humanity, when malevolent beings known as the Dominators waged a ruthless war to snuff out the remnants of the human resistance, an epitome of mechanical brilliance was born – XE, created to be the crowning jewel in the Dominators’ arsenal.

However, destiny had other plans. In an epic clash, the Paragon, a heroic band of warriors, ensnared XE. The prodigious duo Devol and Tesla subjected XE to a groundbreaking reprogramming at the Paragon's stronghold.

From War Machine to Savior
Liberated from the iron clutches of the Dominators, XE experienced its circuits sparking with a newfound understanding of the fragile nature of conflict resolution.

The once-unstoppable war machine's modular design evolved into an infinite canvas for innovation, integrating avant-garde technology without bounds.

XE's Arsenal of Abilities
Here’s what makes XE a force to be reckoned with:

Short Range Havoc: Wield the SMG to tear through enemies in close-quarters combat with its high spread.
Long-Range Supremacy: Take control from afar with the Lightning Rifle’s instant-strike particle shots.
Explosive Onslaught: Unleash destruction with Rocket and Missile Barrages, Molotov Grenades, and a Corrosive Gas Ultimate.
Agile Maneuvers: Master the battlefield with Slash Dash, and the nimble Dash ability.
Defensive Mastery: Control areas and protect allies with Shields, Defense Turrets, and Poison Grenades.
Energized Assault: Deploy Piercing Shots and Chaos Cores to heal allies and drain enemies.
Passive Resilience: Stand unshaken with a natural ability to resist damage.
Ultimate Power: Engage the enemy with the stunning EMP Burst, power-boosting System Overdrive, the cataclysmic Inferno, and the area-denying Corrosive Gas

Are you ready to take control of XE and dash through the Death Run? The Paragon needs you to harness XE's limitless potential!

Head over to the Death Run page for more details.