Death Run

Death run game mode in Alpha testing

One wrong move could lead to victory or defeat. Death Run is a single-player game mode that is the ultimate test of skill and endurance. In this mode, you will navigate treacherous obstacles and outsmart deadly traps, all while being chased by the relentless clock. The stakes increase and the challenges become more intense with each passing second. The goal is to survive and register the highest score to make your rivals envious. Fate is in your hands. Stay sharp, stay focused, and most importantly, stay alive.

Are you ready to test your skills and nerves against the ultimate challenge?

Getting Started

Your journey begins in the Deployment Room. Here, you’re faced with your first strategic choice: selecting your starting weapon. Once you’ve made your choice, the battle-ready room unfolds before you with two notable features: the Kiosk and the Exit, both locked at this stage but soon to become central to your run.

Navigating the
Meta Map

Meta map

The revolutionary Meta Map is an integral part of Death Run. As you progress through rooms, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your path.

Starting with the map, you can choose the difficulty of your first level. Afterward, your path may be temporarily fixed until you reach a Kiosk room. From there, the challenges open up again, offering diverse difficulty levels. Brave warriors who choose harder levels will be handsomely rewarded with XP and coins.

Each biome in the Meta Map is a strategic labyrinth, divided into three sections containing three rooms and three Kiosks.

As your run reaches its climax, you’ll face off with the biome’s boss. But stay vigilant; you may spot an icon teasing the arrival of an exciting mini.

Looting Your Foes

Your enemies won’t go down empty-handed. They’ll drop loot, with the type and quantity dependent on the enemy. Grunts drop less and never drop cores, while Elites drop coins, cores, and health packs. Bosses are the most bountiful, dropping all that Elites do, but in greater quantities.

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Meet the Heroes


XE, a formidable force on the battlefield!

With a wild arsenal from dashing and unleashing rocket and missile barrages to slashing enemies with precision, XE brings chaos to the battlefield. But underneath their metallic exterior, they’re surprisingly human—developing compassion and a quirky, yet a little unhinged, sense of humor. Adaptability, power, and a quest for humanity make XE the ultimate force to be reckoned with! But beneath their mechanical exterior lies a profound transformation. Freed from the Dominators' control and reprogrammed by Paragon with metahuman abilities, XE has gained a deep awareness of the necessity for conflict resolution. Their adaptability knows no bounds, with a modular construction that allows for the seamless integration of new technologies.



Sub Machine Gun - SMG

Short-range machine gun with a high spread and low accuracy, perfect for tearing into enemies at close range.


Weapons & abilities XP

Charge into the fray with unbridled fury and let your victories rain XP

Our dual-track system lets you earn XP for both abilities and weapons. Execute stylish combat moves like encasing enemies in a ring of fire or obliterating them with electrifying abilities for bonus Ability XP! And the excitement doesn’t stop there. Fill up that XP meter to level up, and be greeted with a treasure trove of new powers for your weapons and abilities. Celebrate your room-clearing triumphs with the option to purchase empowering upgrades! Don’t forget - leveling and currency are distinct, so feel free to indulge in kiosk upgrades.