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Closed beta Rewards


Time is running out

Join our closed beta test now and start grinding to claim these exclusive closed beta rewards before it is too late!

We’re excited to offer amazing rewards during the closed beta to show our appreciation for your commitment to our game. These rewards will only be attainable by the most dedicated players who grind their way during closed beta. To gain XP you must play matches in Quick Play and Death Run. Your account XP bar and account level are on your profile page.

When closed beta ends and you have reached level 25, 50, 75 or 100 you will receive the exclusive skins you’ve unlocked. To find and equip the skins, you must navigate to the Hero Gallery. There you will find the skins under the respectable heroes. To use them in-game, you must equip them through the Hero Gallery before you hop into a match. The skins count as your digital collectible after the closed beta. You will be able to bring them onto the chain to trade or sell to other players after the closed beta or keep them and become one of the elite TMA players with exclusive skins.

Can you reach level 100?

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